• Fr. Tim Doubblestein

Leaving It All Behind!

Answering God's call on your live may be the most important and difficult call you will answer. That is because it requires both trust and the determination to move forward.

Procrastinators of the World United (later, after I've had a cup of tea, let out the dog, etc...)

I've always been a bit of a procrastinator. I think a lot of us are. I'm told that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and that the initial force needed to move something from rest to movement is enormous. If you heard me try to get my butt off of the couch, you'd be convinced of that fact. The amount of grunting and groaning that I do would make you think that it's going to take a crane to get me up from there. So because the effort is so great, it's easier to stay put. We procrastinate. We like to think that we operate better under pressure but the fact of the matter is that acting on a decision to be made can be a very uncomfortable thing. It so much less painful to simply put off the decision until a later (rather undetermined) time.

In the Gospel reading yesterday (Matthew 4:12-22), we find Jesus issuing a call to his first disciples: Peter, Andrew, James and John. It is a call to follow him and to change their goals in life. He wants them to leave fishing for a living and begin to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Jesus is asking us to do a similar thing. He may not be asking you to leave behind the way you are making a living but he is definitely asking you to join him in proclaiming the Kingdom of God. He is wanting you to chose his priorities over yours. He is asking you to care more for the things of eternity than the things that will pass away. In short, he is asking you to become his disciple. And that requires a major life change.

So what will our answer be? Will we say yes to the call? Or will we answer it by asking for a little more time to hold on to what we have now. St. Matthew tells us that, when Jesus called these men,

Immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. Matthew 4:22

You cannot hold on to your old life while you are trying to grasp the new one. It doesn't work. What happens is that you begin to lose your grip on both. What Jesus offers us when we follow him is far greater that anything we already have. But we have to trust him to give it to us and we have to stop procrastinating and move forward.

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